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Daily News Flash With Adele Stan On West Virginia?s Chemical Spill, Us Forces Killing Of Afghan 4 Year Old, And The Late Amiri Baraka

Stores are running out of bottled water and schools have been shut down. The National Guard has been mobilized to provide emergency water supplies. Click here for a Guardian article [link] about the story. Just a day after Afghan President Hamid Karzai defied the US by ordering the release official site of prisoners that the US deems security threats, another incident has added to the increasing tensions between the two nations. Reports emerged this morning of US forces fatally shooting a 4 year old Afghan boy earlier in the week. Two NATO troops were also killed this morning.
Read more http://uprisingradio.org/home/2014/01/10/daily-news-flash-with-adele-stan-on-west-virginias-chemical-spill-us-forces-killing-of-afghan-4-year-old-and-the-late-amiri-baraka/

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